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2017 Year 6 graduation


Year Six Graduation

Our Year 6 Graduation was held in our hall on Wednesday.

Indeed, it was a beautiful, memorable event.  My personal thanks to everyone who helped to make the graduation such a special event for our students.

 Again congratulations to all of our Year 6 students and I wish them all the very best for their future.

Our current Captains handed over to our 2018 Captains.

Our new School Captains and Vice Captains for 2018 are:

​Mea C                   School Captain

Benjamin H           School Captain

Brooke C               Vice School Captain

Fionn E                 Vice School Captain



Awards that were presented last night are outlined below.

 Year 6:

The following students were presented with School Service Awards:

Daniel A                             

Olivia A

Will A                                  

Alice B

Mereana B                          

Carlos C

Adam C                                

Max C

Emma C                              

Matthew C

Wyatt C                              

Jadon D

George D                           

Jermaine D

Callum F                            

Jaxon F

Nathan G                

Maddalena G

Mica G                     

Bradley H

Elliott H                

 Harrison H

Ewan H                     

Caitlin H

Daniel K                      

 Aiden K

Alex K                           

Kayden L

Lachy L                     

James M

Finley M                    

 Will N

Jaqhara N                   

 Katie R

Jett S                   

 Lillian S

Alex T                    

Harrison T

Kasey T                 

Alexander W


Excellence Awards

​Bernadette Dalton –Campbell English Award      

​ Olivia A

​Maths  Award

​Will N

​Terri Butler Griffith Science Medal   

Alex T

​Information Communication Technology Award 

​ George D

​Social Sciences Award    

​ Alice B

​Art Award 

​ Olivia A

​Instrumental Music Award  

​Jadon D & Maddalena G​

​Music Choral Award

​Jaqhara N

​Classroom Music Award

​Alice B

​Music Excellence Award ​Olivia A

​Most Improved in Japanese   ​Jermaine D

​Classroom Japanese Award  ​Olivia A

​Kevin Rudd Foreign Language Award  James M

​Principals Award           ​Jett S

​Sportsman of the Year Award ​Callum F

​Citizenship Award      Jaqhara N & Matthew C

​School Dux     ​​Olivia A