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School Grounds Safety Update


Drop off and Pick up hazards

Please be very aware of potential hazards at drop off and pick up time and do not take unnecessary risks.  One issue that has been brought to my attention is the practice of using the back gate to enter the school grounds to pick up and drop off children.  The narrow strip of roadway between D Block (Yr 3 building) and the Multipurpose building is NOT a pick up/ drop off zone. 


Please be aware that children are not allowed on our playground equipment before and after school, EVEN IF YOU AS THEIR PARENTS ARE RIGHT THERE TO SUPERVISE!  This is NOT just a “Mayfield thing” and we really are not being “the fun police”.  This rule was put in place following consultation with Education Qld’s legal department.  There is very good reason for this.  There is no rostered supervision before and after school and the school remains liable if we give permission for you to stay and play on the playground.  Last year we had to call an ambulance twice for children injured on play equipment after school while being supervised by parents who had forgotten that our playground equipment was out of bounds after school.  For the sake of all, please abide by this rule.



At this time of the year parking is always an issue of concern for everyone in our community.  Quite simply, there is not enough parking spaces to go around and this causes angst for the school community and our neighbours.  Please remember that the staff car park is closed to parents.  Also the parking spaces available on the netball courts (to the left as you enter at the front of the school) should be left for prep parents who need to park and walk their children to the classroom.