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Stop Drop and Go Zone

Welcome to “Stop, Drop & Go” at Mayfield State School.

The following information is to help us to develop a speedy, efficient, and safe process for using our new “STOP, DROP& GO” zone and ensure the safety of our students while reducing the traffic congestion around our school.

Some General Principles:

J Prep students should be delivered to their classroom and collected from there each afternoon.  Please DO NOT use the STOP, DROP& GO zone to pick up or drop off Prep students.

J Please use STOP, DROP& GO zone to drop Yr 1-6 students safely to school in the morning if you cannot find a kerbside park. We can now eliminate the unsafe practice of stopping in the middle of Paget St to allow children to exit the car when there is no parking available.

J Afternoon “Pick up” – perhaps consider staggering your arrival time to spread out the number of vehicles accessing the STOP, DROP& GO over the 15 minutes time period. 

J If you need to join a queue for a few minutes, then PLEASE BE PATIENT!

J Drivers should not park or exit their vehicle in the STOP, DROP& GO zone at any time.

AFTERNOON PICK UP: 3:00 TO 3:15.  As this is the busiest time of the day on the roads around our school, please read the following carefully so that we can WORK AS A TEAM and establish our processes.


J STOP, DROP& GO will have a staff member rostered from 3:00 to 3:15 each day to begin with, to supervise students and ensure safety. (This will be monitored and adjusted if necessary)

J  Staff member on duty will alert students and direct them to parent’s cars.

J To assist with this process we will provide you with a laminated card with your family name printed on it, which can be placed on your sunvisor and “flipped down” to assist the rostered staff member to quickly identify your car and call your child to the gate.  PLEASE EMAIL THE SCHOOL OFFICE SO THAT CARDS CAN BE PREPARED. (

J Class teachers will explicitly teach PAWS lessons on how to ACT RESPONSIBLY when using STOP, DROP& GO.

J Children who have not been collected by 3:15 will be taken to the office and parents will need to collect them from there. (To leave students unsupervised would be a failure in our duty of care)


Please DO NOT perform U-Turns by turning into the driveways of houses opposite the Drop ‘N Go Zone.  This is​ J dangerous to our students and causes upset to our neighbours.

J Plan/adjust your journey so that you can approach the STOP, DROP& GO zone by driving slowly up Rickwood St from the ovals side of the school.

J Wait patiently if necessary to enter the collection zone.

J As you enter the collection zone, drive as far forward as possible.  Once you have stopped, your child will be instructed by rostered staff to walk quickly out to your car.

J Ensure your child can enter the car on the passenger side.

J Once your child is buckled in, please drive out of the STOP, DROP& GO zone.

If your child has not arrived at the collection area by the time you have reached the top of the STOP, DROP& GO zone, then you will need to circle the block and approach the STOP, DROP& GO zone again.


J Walk directly to the STOP, DROP& GO zone once dismissed from the classroom

J Wait quietly with siblings BEHIND the fence inside the school grounds

J Watch out for the family car.

J Listen to and promptly follow the directions of the staff on duty.