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Dress Code


Mayfield State School is a strict uniform school. We have the support of our Parents and Citizens’ Association to promote adherence to our uniform. Our student dress code consists of an agreed standard and items of clothing, which includes a school uniform that Mayfield State School students wear when:

  •  attending or representing their school;
  • travelling to and from school; and
  • engaging in school activities out of school hours.

 Mayfield State School P&C Association supports this student dress code policy because it believes that a student dress code provides clothing that aims to contribute to a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment through:

  • ready identification of students and non-students at school;
    fostering a sense of belonging; and
  • developing mutual respect among students by minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences.
  • promotes an effective teaching and learning environment by eliminating the distraction of competition in dress and fashion at the school

Mayfield’s student dress code reflects school community standards and is consistent with occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination legislation. We actively encourage our students to take pride in themselves and their school. One way in which this may be achieved is through adherence to the school’s dress standards. As the parent/carer and provider of your child, we seek your support in this matter.

Inappropriate dress refers to clothing or apparel worn by students that is deemed to be:
Likely to disrupt, or negatively influence normal school operations;
Unsafe for student or others; and
Likely to result in a risk to health and safety of student or others.

Parents/Caregivers may be notified by letter that their child is not complying with the Student Dress Code. In circumstances where inappropriate or unreasonable dress is worn, appropriate action will be taken.

A stock of all uniforms is available through our uniform shop – Please note that volunteers from the school community run the uniform shop. Parents are asked to ensure that all articles of clothing whether part of a school uniform or not, are clearly marked with the student’s name.

Personal Presentation


• Hair is worn up for safety and comfort

• Hair style should be neat and tidy and reflect positively on school image.

• Hair accessories should be in school colours (Maroon, Grey & white).


Make-up/ Nails

• Face and nails should be clean and make up/polish free 


Maroon shorts (short or long leg)


Grey shirt with maroon revere collar, maroon trim on sleeve and pocket badge.


Mayfield polo with embroidered emblem.






Maroon fleecy Jumper or Microfibre Jacket with Emblem

Maroon Tracksuit pants


Drop waisted dress, zip front, sleeves,

Revere collar. The material         predominantly grey/white check               with   Maroon trim.

Maroon shorts, skorts or netball skirt

Peplum blouse from school uniform

material with maroon collar and                 sleeve  and pocket trim.

Maroon netball skirt.

Mayfield polo shirt.



Maroon fleecy Jumper or Microfibre Jacket with Emblem
Maroon Tracksuit pants or maroon tights.