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Behaviour management

Our school community has identified the following school rules to teach and promote our high standards of responsible behaviour:

·                    Be Prepared

·                    Act responsibly

·                    Work as a team

·                    Show respect

These behaviour expectations have been embodied into a highly visible and easily remembered acronym PAWS. These four underpinning behaviour expectations have been agreed upon and endorsed by all staff and our school P&C. They are aligned with the values, principles and expected standards outlined in Education Queensland’s Code of School Behaviour.  

1.   Processes for facilitating standards of positive behaviour and responding to unacceptable behaviour Universal Behaviour Support


The first step in facilitating standards of positive behaviour is communicating those standards to all students. At Mayfield State School we emphasise the importance of directly teaching students the behaviours we want them to demonstrate at school. Communicating behavioural expectations is a form of universal behaviour support - a strategy directed towards all students designed to prevent inappropriate behaviour and provide a framework for responding to unacceptable behaviour. 

In order to raise awareness of these expectations and embed exactly what these behaviours look like in different situations, a matrix of behaviours and the locations in which they take place has been created.

Click here to view 2018 Behaviour Matrix

Click here to view the 2017 - 2020 Responsible Behaviour plan for students​

These expectations are communicated to students via a number of strategies, including:

·         Explicit behaviour lessons conducted by classroom teachers in terms 1 & 4;

·         Reinforcement of learning from behaviour lessons on School Assemblies and during active supervision by staff during classroom and non-classroom activities.

·         Display of matrix in every classroom.

·         Display of posters of PAWS and/or Mayfield Lion Mascot reminding children of their responsibilities.

.         PAWS Support - a preer support program run by school seniore that operates fortnightly in terms 2 & 3.


Mayfield State School implements the following proactive and preventative processes and strategies to support student behaviour:


·         A dedicated section of the school newsletter, enabling parents to be actively and positively involved in school behaviour expectations.

·         School Behaviour Leadership team members’ regular provision of information to staff and parents, and support to others in sharing successful practices

·         Comprehensive induction programs in the Mayfield State School Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students delivered to new students as well as new and relief staff.

·         Individual support profiles developed for students with high behavioural needs, enabling staff to make the necessary adjustments to support these students consistently across all classroom and non-classroom settings.  

·         Development of specific policies to address:

o   The Use of Personal Technology Devices* at School (Appendix 1)

o    Procedures for Preventing and Responding to Incidents of Bullying (Appendix 2)


Reinforcing expected school behaviour

At Mayfield State School, communication of our key messages about behaviour is backed up through reinforcement, which provides students with feedback for engaging in expected school behaviour.  A formal recognition and monitoring system has been developed.   This reinforcement system is designed to increase the quantity and quality of positive interactions between students and staff. All staff members are trained to give consistent and appropriate acknowledgement and rewards. 

 Mayfield State School uses VIVO’s for positive rewards

Staff members award VIVO’s each day to students when they observe them following school rules in both classroom and non-classroom areas. This reinforcement occurs continually throughout the

day. When they ‘catch’ a student following the rules they give them VIVO/s. Students can use the VIVO website to redeem rewards based on how many VIVO’s they accumulate. Students are recognised and presented with certificates on parade for achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold points levels in the Vivo system.

Mayfield State School has implemented a playground peer support program where senior students can become playground monitors and reward students displaying positive behaviours with VIVO redemption cards. Upon returning to class, students who have received a redemption card during play, give the card to their class teacher for recording