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If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.​​​
2018 Matrix current.pdf2018 Matrix2018 Matrix current579 KB
2020 Pawtrol Squad application form.pdf2020 PAWtrol application form2020 Pawtrol Squad application form144 KB
2020 transition flyer.pdf2020 Prep Transition Flyer2020 transition flyer1991 KB
accidentalNeedleStickInjuryInPublicPlaces_is.pdfAccidental needle stick injury in public placesaccidentalNeedleStickInjuryInPublicPlaces_is38 KB
AEDC-Parent-information-letter.pdfAEDC Parent Information letterAEDC-Parent-information-letter69 KB
Mayfield SS AFL Auskick flyer.pdfAFL 2019 FlyerMayfield SS AFL Auskick flyer414 KB
Student App - Enrol.pdfApplication for student enrolmentStudent App - Enrol336 KB
behaviour-management-policy.pdfBehaviour management policy behaviour-management-policy124 KB
bess flyer (002).pdfBESS flyerbess flyer (002)5552 KB
Cinema-in-the-Suburbs-2020-poster.pdfCinema in the Suburbs Flyer 2020Cinema-in-the-Suburbs-2020-poster1144 KB
2018-Domestic-violence-flyer.pdfDomestic Violence Flyer for May2018-Domestic-violence-flyer3801 KB
dress-code.pdfDress code dress-code81 KB
enrolment_agreement.pdfEnrolment agreementenrolment_agreement46 KB
edc-version1-brochure.pdfEvery day counts edc-version1-brochure292 KB
FAQ-Enrolling-at-Mayfieldss-Prep-to-Year6.pdfFAQ Enrolling at Mayfield SS Prep - Year 6FAQ-Enrolling-at-Mayfieldss-Prep-to-Year650 KB
2018 New Handbook.pdfHandbook book2018 New Handbook3341 KB
homework-guidelines.pdfHomework guidelines homework-guidelines54 KB
I4S snapshot-report-2017(002).pdfI4S Snapshot report-2017I4S snapshot-report-2017(002)169 KB
Information Sheet- Rickwood Street Mayfield SS.pdfInformation sheet Rickwood Street Information Sheet- Rickwood Street Mayfield SS229 KB
Internet agreement  updated.pdfInternet agreementInternet agreement updated54 KB
Investing for Success - MER - 2018.pdfInvesting for Success - MER - 2018Investing for Success - MER - 201871 KB
Investing-for-Success-MER-2017.pdfInvesting for success 2017Investing-for-Success-MER-2017248 KB
Investing-for-Success-MER-2016.pdfInvesting for success MER 2016Investing-for-Success-MER-2016131 KB
I4S-2018-progress-snapshot.pdfInvesting for Success Progress Snapshot 2018I4S-2018-progress-snapshot187 KB
2017-I4S-agreement-MayfieldSS.pdfInvesting for Success agreement 2017-I4S-agreement-MayfieldSS64 KB
JE_A5_Flyer_April School Holiday Program_Generic.pdfJnr Engineers Holiday program flyerJE_A5_Flyer_April School Holiday Program_Generic705 KB
Mayfield Marlins Sign On Day.pdfMayfield Marlins sgn on day Mayfield Marlins Sign On Day364 KB
MSS-Executive-Summary-2016.pdfMayfield SS Executive Summary 2016MSS-Executive-Summary-2016328 KB
MSS Strategic Plan.pdfMayfield SS Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020MSS Strategic Plan56 KB
Mayfield-Triathlon-2019 V2.pdfMayfield SS Triathlon & Dance a thonMayfield-Triathlon-2019 V2173 KB
Mayfield 2018-19 Swim School Information Sheet.pdfMayfield Swim School Information SheetMayfield 2018-19 Swim School Information Sheet278 KB
Mayfield 2018-19 Swim School Registration Form.pdfMayfield Swim School Registration FormMayfield 2018-19 Swim School Registration Form94 KB
Media state-school-consent-form.pdfMedia consent formMedia state-school-consent-form73 KB
medical-information-form.pdfMedical information form medical-information-form53 KB
mobile-phone-permission.pdfMobile phone permission formmobile-phone-permission45 KB
MSS-Deferred-Payment-Plan.pdfMSS Deferred Payment Plan formMSS-Deferred-Payment-Plan230 KB
naplan-on-paper-information-brochure-for-parents-and-carers.pdfNAPLAN information for parentsnaplan-on-paper-information-brochure-for-parents-and-carers453 KB
National Chaplaincy A4 - 2 pager - digital.pdf 2016.pdfNationa Chaplaincy Survey resultsNational Chaplaincy A4 - 2 pager - digital.pdf 2016693 KB
2019-NCCD-information-notice.pdfNCCD Information notice 20192019-NCCD-information-notice518 KB
Menu_T1_2019_front.jpgOasis Cafe T1 2019Menu_T1_2019_front1494 KB
Menu_T1_2019_back.jpgOasis Cafe T1 2019 backMenu_T1_2019_back2889 KB
PC executive nomination form 2019.pdfP & C executive Nomination Form 2019PC executive nomination form 201945 KB
P and C Volunteer Application_v4.pdfP & C Voluntter & Events CalendarP and C Volunteer Application_v4489 KB
2020 classes Parent -Student Information form.pdfParent -Student information form 20202020 classes Parent -Student Information form160 KB
ppp_parent.pdfPause Prompt Praise- reading informationppp_parent379 KB
SWPBS Matrix.pdfPAWS Behaviour matrixSWPBS Matrix73 KB
Permission to contact updated.pdfPermission to contact previous schoolPermission to contact updated138 KB
Student permissions.pdfPermissionsStudent permissions74 KB
qschools-brochure.pdfQSchools Brochureqschools-brochure936 KB
emergency-medication.pdfRequest to administer emergency medication (epipens)emergency-medication100 KB
routine-shortterm-medication.pdfRequest to administer medication - short term or regularroutine-shortterm-medication114 KB
Mayfield SS Responsible-behaviour2017.2020.pdfResponsible behaviour Plan 2017-2020Mayfield SS Responsible-behaviour2017.2020767 KB
roadruleschangesbicycles.pdfRoad rules and bicyclesroadruleschangesbicycles191 KB
School-enrolment-mmt-plan-2013.pdfSchool Enrolment Mmt Plan 2013School-enrolment-mmt-plan-20131165 KB
School-interview-2019-term-2 letter.pdfSchool Interview booking letter t 2 2019School-interview-2019-term-2 letter313 KB
school-plan.pdfSchool planschool-plan93 KB
Attachement 1.pdfScoliosis  LetterAttachement 11403 KB
screen-smart-tour-fact-sheet.pdfScreen smart fact sheetscreen-smart-tour-fact-sheet128 KB
Stop-Drop-and-Go-Zone-Road-Rules.pdfStop drop and go road rulesStop-Drop-and-Go-Zone-Road-Rules189 KB
sun-smart-policy.pdfSun smart policy sun-smart-policy740 KB
Term 1 2-3 maths.pdfT 1 year 2-3 maths Term 1 2-3 maths226 KB
Term 1  3-4 Curriculum newsletter.pdfT1  3-4 Curriculum newsletterTerm 1 3-4 Curriculum newsletter324 KB
Term 1 3-4 maths.pdfT1  year 3-4 maths Term 1 3-4 maths229 KB
Term 1  4-5 Curriculum newsletter docx.pdfT1  year 4-5 Curriculum newsletter Term 1 4-5 Curriculum newsletter docx321 KB
Term 1 4-5 maths.pdfT1  year 4-5 maths newsletterTerm 1 4-5 maths230 KB
Term 1 Prep Curriculum newsletter.pdfT1 Prep Curriculum newsletterTerm 1 Prep Curriculum newsletter318 KB
Term 1 Prep maths.pdfT1 Prep mathsTerm 1 Prep maths212 KB
Term 1 P-1 maths.pdfT1 year  P-1 mathsTerm 1 P-1 maths224 KB
Term 1 1-2 Curriculum newsletter.pdfT1 year 1-2 Curriculum newsletterTerm 1 1-2 Curriculum newsletter315 KB
Term 1 1-2 maths.pdfT1 year 1-2 maths Term 1 1-2 maths221 KB
Term 1 2-3 Curriculum newsletter.pdfT1 year 2-3 Curriculum newsletterTerm 1 2-3 Curriculum newsletter323 KB
Term 1 Yr 5-6 Curriculum newsletter.pdfT1 year 5-6 Curriculum NewsletterTerm 1 Yr 5-6 Curriculum newsletter321 KB
Term 1 5-6 maths.pdfT1 year 5-6 maths Term 1 5-6 maths233 KB
Term 1 P-1 Curriculum newsletter.pdfT1 year P-1 Curriculum newsletterTerm 1 P-1 Curriculum newsletter322 KB
Transition to High School.pdfTransition to high school slide show as pdfTransition to High School628 KB
Uniform Shop Enrolment Flyer.pdfUniform Shop Flyer with PricesUniform Shop Enrolment Flyer1050 KB
Visioning Workshop 29 Aug 2019.pdfVisioning Workshop 28 08 19Visioning Workshop 29 Aug 201958 KB
Wakakirri Note.pdfWakakirri NoteWakakirri Note219 KB