Safety information for Parents & Students


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Now that we have had the opportunity to collect information, investigate and follow up, I am writing to advise you of an incident that occurred at school earlier this week.

Each morning, before school students arrive at school, our groundsman surveys the school grounds, playgrounds and sandpit checking for potentially dangerous objects that may have ‘appeared’ overnight. These objects may include items such as bottles, glass, wire, needles and the like.

To further provide for student safety, all play areas of the school are supervised by staff at break times and students are regularly reminded to report to duty staff or the office school should they find any dangerous object or have a concern. 

Despite these safety measures, a student discovered a syringe needle at first break in the far corner area of the bottom oval. The student subsequently picked up the needle causing a needle stick injury to himself. 

Both the top and bottom oval are supervised by staff at break times.

The student reported to the office where he was subsequently treated and the parent was advised immediately. The parent then sought medical advice and the appropriate medical follow up treatment has been obtained. The student is well and is now waiting some test results. Qld health advise that the risk of catching serious infection as a result of an accidental needle stick injury is very low because these viruses do not survive for long outside the body.

Attached to this letter is a fact sheet from Qld Health, which outlines actions to take in the event of this type of injury along with some suggestions and advice. Of particular note parents should ensure their children's vaccinations are up to date.
Mayfield is a safe and caring school and all staff take the safety of our students extremely seriously. To further increase student safety and reduce the likelihood of a reoccurrence of this nature, additional safe practices will be put in place. 

Some measures include:

  • Our morning scans of the school grounds will be more comprehensive.
  • There will be inspections done of play areas immediately prior to the first break.
  • Teachers will explicitly teach students what to do should they find any dangerous object – glass, wire, needles or the like. 

They are to:

  • Leave it where they find it. 
  • Absolutely do not touch it. 
  • Send for or go for help from a teacher, staff member or the school office.
  • Reminders will also be given on assembly and through our newsletter and website.

Further, I am asking parents and care givers to reinforce these procedures with their children should they find a dangerous object at school or any other place outside the school - playground, beach, park etc.

Please contact me should you require further advice.


Doug Lange 


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Last reviewed 10 February 2020
Last updated 10 February 2020