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District Sport Information

What is district sport?

Every primary school in Queensland is aligned with a district sporting organisation.   To become a member of this organisation each school has to pay a levy each year.

Mayfield state school is aligned with the Lytton District Sports.

District sport trials offer students of high to very high ability the opportunity to join a pathway to make state sporting teams in certain disciplines.

It is very important to note, that these trials are not for having a go or to see if a child likes a sport, they are solely to choose a district sporting team which then tries for further representative honours.

Anyone who qualifies for a Lytton sports team then attends a Regional event, with 3-4 other district teams. 

Our region is the Metropolitan East Region and students who make this team then compete in a state trial.

This year, Lytton District Sports offers opportunities to trial for the following teams:

Aquathlon (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Australian Football (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Baseball (14yrs & Under)

Basketball (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Cricket (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Cross Country (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under) 

Football (Boys & Girls 12 years & under) 

Golf (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Hockey (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Netball (Girls 11 & 12 yrs & under)

Rugby League (Boys  & Girls 11 & 12 yrs & under)  

Rugby Union (Boys 12yrs & 11yrs)

Softball (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Tennis (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Touch (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Swimming (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Track & Field (Boys & Girls 12 yrs & under)

Volleyball (Boys & Girls 15yrs & under)

Please refer to the Lytton District Sports page at for more details.

Trial Attendance:
 It is very important that students who nominate for a district trial attend this trial. 

Students need to arrange their own transport to and from these trials.


Further Representative Opportunities:

Any children selected in a Lytton District Teams go on to represent our District at a Regional carnival.

Any children selected to Represent Metropolitan East Teams then attend State Titles. 

If they are chosen for State Teams, they then compete at National Titles.